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Our Special Project

Professional and creative staff of our team had not only designed and built a new product – “Corporate program of medical support”  (CPMS), but also worked it out in two years on the Ukrainian market.

ADVANTAGES of this project:

  •      opportunity to get real health care regardless of  the budget (we propose programs with payment amount from 150 UAH to 10 000 UAH per person/year);
  •      cost reduction program caused by:

             1) avoiding unnecessary taxation;
             2) avoiding unnecessary, not relevant costs (the costs of doing business of the insurance company).

  •     flexible programs which allow to amend and manage exceptions during the agreement lifetime;
  •     precise control and total clarity of medical support given for this program allows to pay only for really received medical care;
  •     planning of forward defined  spending on medical treatment for personnel, and total control over the use of these funds, including  in case of prepayment  usage % of revenue.
  •     receiving discounts on services and medicines possible because of great total number of our customers;
  •     shifting administrative cases concerning  social issues of enterprise to “Premier-Assistance” company;
  •     increasing  labor productivity of employees by prevention diseases and providing high quality medical care;
  •     additional staff motivation;
  •     increasing loyalty to the company, reducing staff turnover;
  •     lowering the number of bogus sick-lists, (as they are easy to identify, there is the threat of administrative penalties);
  •     decreasing disability days in the company and not fixed compensatory holiday by prevention and on time given medical help;
  •     improving the image of the company's management for employees and government agencies (according to sociological surveys medical protection  provided by the company  is more important for employees than the wage increase for the same amount of money).

for employees:

  •      around the clock, fast and quality medical services organization;
  •      providence with necessary and most effective medicines.
  •      reduction of restrictions in obtaining medical care;
  •      possibility to get a service card for preferential services for family members with discounts to health institutions and pharmacies;
  •      saving money due to discounts for services and medicines;
  •      protection of patients' rights when receiving medical care;
  •      opportunities to choose medical institution, conditions of treatment and the attending doctor;
  •      doctor-coordinator’s and doctors’ from medical institution additional care.
  •      conducting a preventive vaccination, fortification and medical examination for employees and their families;
  •      organization of timely medical care in a convenient place at an appropriate time, no queues;
  •      maintenance of main events in life (pregnancy, childbirth).

A variety partnership opportunities for the centralized organization of medical services:
1. Our new product - "The corporate program of medical support" (CPMS), which has recommended itself today as the most efficient, high-quality and flexible tool for recieving (providing) medical services.
2. Standard tool - with the help of the Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI)
"Premier-Assistance", company with vast experience in working to insurance products, will develop a program for health insurance for your employees, and will recommend the most attractive and qualitative agreement with any insurance company.
3. Mixed product - "Complex corporate program," which includes services according to CPMS + insurance risks (VHI).

We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone: 044 590 55 26
With respect,
Project Manager
Brynzak Helen

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